Thursday, February 7, 2013

Snow days and Boulders

Whoa.  The last month has kept me super busy.  Looking back I can say that I have had so many different things going on that I am having trouble figuring out where to start.  I can remember climbing at Twall with Nate, replacing all the gear on psychopath, falling two moves from the anchor (crux), and then the rain came.  Maybe the Minnesotans brought the rain?  The next thing I remember is two weeks of rain and time spent hiking to show our guests around.  Then I had to leave for Winter OR.

Emily and Zach (first two pics) had been in the south for a week I guess and had been chasing the weather across Tennessee and North Carolina.  They ended up coming to chatt and renting a room at my place for shelter until the rain stopped.  As the days passed it seemed like it would never stop raining!  How can this be happening?  These two are watching the climbing days on their trip pass by and I am leaving for OR soon.  Checking the weather became a joke.  I was so close to sending so many routes and boulders that I had been working on.  Every day I thought, "OK, I'm leaving for SLC in a week". Then it was 5 days, then 3, and then it was time to go.  We had one good day bouldering at Rocktown after the rain turned to snow but it wasn't one that I would make any progress on.  As I left town, I felt like I had just been robbed of completing what would have been the highlight of my season.

And wouldn't you know it, I returned to rain.  In a way that was a good thing as I had plenty on my plate to do.  What's the point of attending the trade show if you can't drum up any work?  2013 is going to be a good year.

And here comes the old familiar story.  I'm in town for a week, it's raining, and I have one or two days to get outside.  Bummer.

I know I may sound super gripey and depressed but man, the weather always gets good right when I get ready to leave town.  The few days I did go out were spent with Emily and Zach.  Those two moved here as acquaintances and friends of friends, but now I consider them good friends and am very happy to have shared that time with them.  

I'm in Brevard, NC right now.  Look for an update on the trip next week.  


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