Friday, April 13, 2012

Spring is here!

Welp, just when we all thought life would suck for the next four months of summer....Spring shows it's beautiful self and blesses us all.  The last month has been completely crazy.  It started off with a trip to Ohio and Kentucky that ended at the Red River Reunion.  Miguel's did it RIGHT this year.  The weather was good, improvements to the campground, and live music made this one of my favorite events that I have been too in a while.  The Frenchies were all there speaking all that French and stuff and making me feel weak by never falling.  Envy.  Peep the pics....

Enzo Oddo and his signature Sterling purple Nano flashing Dracula 8a.

Some dude on Paradise Lost 7c+/8a
I did this one!!!

Warren Hulsey on Hellraiser 7b+

I finally found a hard route to try.  Yeeeeehawwww!!!!  Unfortunately, it's an hour away.  Wilcutt's Abandon .13c is a newly bolted addition to the concave, which is pretty rad.  Psyche is high, but I just left for two weeks after my best go yet.  Bummer.  I'm in Indiana and the rest of the Great Lakes region for another round of Evolv demos.  Wish me luck.  

Abandon 8a+
 Photo by James Pullum
On a more depressing note, I've been having some back pain and what I just found out was radiating pain to my stomach and should blades.  I finally sought some treatment after a month of self diagnosis and rehab.  The chiro x-rayed and explained that I have 4 thinned disc between my T10 and T6.  NOT PSYCHED!  I can't deny the x-ray. Even I could see that the space between vertebra had thinned.  However, I wanted a second opinion.  I gave my friend Adam Macke a call and got all assessed and what not from a muscular perspective.  He was a huge help in pinpointing weaknesses and imbalances that may have caused this to happen to my back.  He does something called muscle activation techniques that re-fire those muscle our brain has lost contact with after not using them regularly. Very interesting and kinda fun when he was working on me.  So, I look forward to working with him and hope it is the ticket to recovery.

That's all for now.  


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