Thursday, May 3, 2012

Dr. Acula

Chandler and I left for The Red River Gorge Saturday afternoon with a car full of food and gear.  We decided not to take the van on this trip as it would have been waaaay pricey given the current gas prices and the fact that my van will not make to many crag parking lots.  So, with the beamer packed to the roof we were on our way, and psyched about it.

The forecast was pretty iffy, which by the way, you shouldn't base decisions off of.  The first two days of climbing were warm for sure, but stellar.  We each wanted to try something hard but doable.  So, Chandler's mini proj was a .12a called Gluttony and I was trying Dracula .13b.  Efforts were concentrated and progress was being made on every go anticipating the send go on our last day.   (Enter failure type dooms day music) Then it rained Sheeps and Kentucky!  Who'd have thought???  The morning could be summarized in two words....puddles and thunderstorms. So, we left as our pj's were definitely drenched.  To top it off we didn't get any pictures of each other climbing.  Bummer...



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