Monday, September 17, 2012


So, I've been up here in the land of the Caribou for the last four days.  My time has been split between driving and climbing.  This past weekend I stayed at this climbing area in Sandstone, MN.  The rock was, well, sandstone...very much similar to that of Chattanooga and the Red River Gorge.  The first day was spent bouldering.  It was hot, but things still got done.  My tour guides were motivated and strong so I climbed a few things then picked up the camera.  The next day I thought I was going to cross the river and go bouldering again to finish up some problems.  However, I ended running into some friends of friends that offered a belay on what I had been told was the states best 5.12.  I couldn't turn that down.

Sandstone, MN from Chaz Warren on Vimeo.

Sigma .12a

Now I'm at Vertical Endeavors rocking another Evolv demo before I head to St. Louis tomorrow.  Then I head home!!!

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