Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Hound Ears 2012

It couldn't be anymore evident that I had a good time at Hound Ears.  I only took four pictures from the day and am still sore two days later.  Why is that good?  It's good because we all climbed so much!  It was an incredible Saturday morning for the first comp of this years Triple Crown of Bouldering.

I do, however, have pictures from my day bouldering with Nate and Sammy at Blowing Rock.  Big thanks to Sammy for picking up the camera while I was climbing.

we stopped in Knoxville

mushroom boulder

a dog

Nate on Portobello

girl on Pinch the Loaf

Pinch the Loaf

Pinch the loaf

Sammy skipping holds

Hound Ears tree

Metolius funraiser for Mtn. Alliance
And now we are just three days away from the beginning of the Chattanooga Triple Crown festivities.  

Way psyched.


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