Wednesday, October 24, 2012

New Vid

Times are good right now.  As a continuation of my last post I'd like to say that I finally did Abandon .13c.  PSYCHED!   This one felt harder than any other route I'd done, including the .13d Man Show one route to the right.  Now that the redpoint burns are done I am happy to move on.  What's next?  Psychopath?  SoCo?  Apes on Acid?  The list goes on...

Anyway, in between redpoint days in the canyon I found myself bouldering a bit.  Actually, there was about 3 weeks where I didn't even try Abandon.  Then I went back to it and made a significant high point, an entire bolt higher, falling one hold below the anchors.  So, it was then that I declared Monday as take down day.

Here is a video of Nate Hefner doing the first ascent of his new found boulder problem Do Not Disturb.  We both managed a send this day.  It didn't look like either of us would send but then somehow we pulled it together.  We felt that it was harder than a lot of V8s.  So, V9 it is.   Hope you like it and good luck finding it!  :)

I'm on the road this week leading to a weekend at the RRG.  Psyched.

That is all.

Do Not Disturb from Chaz Warren on Vimeo.

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