Monday, December 31, 2012

Mediocre Pancakes

It occurred to me the other night while I was eating a nice chili dinner that I had been doing it all wrong.  What was I thinking?  I mean, c'mon Chaz!  Can you be a little more creative than mediocre pancakes?  Throw some Bananas or Blueberries up in there.  You could even put some chocolate chips in there.  Sheesh....

Anyway, I'm sitting on the sideline this week with a shoulder injury.  The coach let me wear a headset and make all sorts of crazy hand and arm movements to the players on the field that aren't even looking at me.  Psyched!  Thanks coach!

I don't recall an incident involving shoulder use or abuse that would have done this.  Maybe it's just inflamed from overuse?  Unfortunately it feels like a rotator cuff.  I can't comfortably lift my hands over my waist with my arms straight.  Snow angels or the YMCA dance are impossible right now.

Since I couldn't go climbing yesterday I washed and waxed Helga and took her out for a photo shoot.

Hope you liked this post.  It's quite different from the normal content.  


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