Monday, December 10, 2012

Tis the season

You gotta love this time of year.  As the temperature drops (for brief periods of time) and the climbing season is in full swing, everyone has their game face on and seems to be getting down to business.   If that sort of psyche doesn't do it for you, there are christmas tree lots on every corner and signs of sales and reminders of holiday cheer to help lift your spirits.

This past week Urban Rocks and the Southeastern Climbers Coalition hosted a trail day at Chattanooga's sport crag mecca, Deep Creek.  There was a really good turn out which made the work load a lot lighter for everyone.  We ended up taking care of a lot more than planned and went climbing with plenty of day light to spare.

That trail day marked the end of a week of Evolv and Salewa demos.  The next couple of days were spent taking care of things around the house, mtn. biking, and scouting new boulders on the chattanooga hillsides.  Nate and I found a giant boulder with problems on every side.  In the pic below you can see a few of them.  We cleaned and sent all on this side, including one that sit starts in the middle of the right face and climbs left along the bulge and up the arete.  BOOM!  We named it Main Attraction 7B+.  

And since I mentioned the holidays and all the cheery things that come with it, I'll share some pics of Chandler and I's first tree.  We had a lot of fun decorating and taking pics.  My house smells soooo good now!

And finally, catching up to current events.  I went sport climbing on one of our recent, not so prime, 70 degree December days.  The venue was The Message Cave at Twall.  It was soooo hot!  However, I managed one of my better climbing days ever.  Not that it's a huge deal, but I thought it was pretty successful to do two .13a routes that I'd never tried before in the same day.  I guess the style and how easily approachable these two routes are made it happen.  Both are pretty casual up to and between their two distinct cruxes that earn them the grade.  Needless to say, I was satisfied and psyched!  

The weather next week is looking good!

See yall at the crag.


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