Thursday, May 23, 2013

Rendezvous X

Show me your X!!!!!  Man, that dance party was off the hook.  On stage was DJ Mon Voyage Neon with a shirtless Kurt Smith raging like there is no tomorrow.  We had the whole Southern Fried Team Evolv front and center representing for the industry folk.  After all, the hard work was done and it was our turn to let loose.  Good times...

The weekend was an absolute success.  The people were out in high spirits and large numbers all here to support the cause.  The weather was typical for the Rendezvous, except this time around Saturday was breezy and dry.  Whoohoo!  I'm sure everyone in attendance got at least two days of climbing in.  I managed three out of my longer stay at the New.  Here's a pic of me on Lactic Acid Bath...

I don't have that many more pics of the party or climbing.  My time was split between running the dyno comp and relaxing whenever possible.  I did manage this one of Salewa's Matt Whiteman forerunning the table boulder.

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